Bring Your Business to the Top - Catherine Goranson

tabletop advertising is different.

Tabletop Advertising is nothing like the traditional print and television ads that your customers ignore

These full-color, custom-designed ads are right under the nose of your potential customers

When compared to newspapers and magazines, Tabletop Advertising can save your business thousands of dollars
traditional advertising is becoming less effective
Today the average American has become so accustomed to traditional forms of advertising in newspapers, magazines, and even internet banner ads that, as a society, we have subconsciously trained ourselves to ignore the bread and butter of B – C (Business to Consumer) marketing.

In the wake of this realization, businesses with their fingers on the pulse of their respective markets are turning to unique and creative mediums to display their services and products in front of new customers everyday. Today’s society is far less brand loyal than ever before and can easily be swung by new competition.

In today's economy, the key to choosing the right advertising medium and attracting new customers lies in brand exposure— Your ad must have a lasting impact on your potential customer. Initially, you must ask yourself, "How well will my target audience be exposed to the medium? Will they see my ad and talk about it?" Ultimately, you must place yourself in the shoes of your customer, "Would I read or listen to this ad? Would I ignore it?"